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It's common for families to be confused about the more complex aspects of personal finance. For example, when does it make sense to refinance a mortgage? Is a vacation home a pipe dream or a potential reality?


When you have a complicated situation, you need straightforward help. With a wide variety of financial calculators, you can evaluate your current position, create hypothetical situation, and make the choices that are right for you.

Considering a new car? Contemplating refinancing? Thinking about leasing versus buying? Auto calculators can cover a wide variety of scenarios to help you have wise choices with your car.

From a breakeven analysis to confirming your business cash flows, there's a lot to running a business that may seem overly complicated. Instead of struggling, get quick and simple answers with business tool calculators.

Investing doesn't have to be a challenge. Choose stocks, estimate returns, and more with investment calculators designed to help you make wise decisions.

Make the right choices for your debt situations with calculators including the Credit Card Optimizer and Personal Debt Consolidation.

Insurance is a major part of your personal financial situation. When you want to ensure you're making the right choices with your coverage level, deductible, or claim limit, you can find it all with our help.

Do you have loans? With our help, you can evaluate your interest rate, payment frequencies, or even debt consolidation.

If you have a mortgage, there's a lot of information to consider. With expert financial calculators, you can get help with considering refinancing, mortgage terms, and second mortgages.

Do you have a handle on your personal finances? With the right resources, you can learn the ins and outs of balancing your checkbook, evaluating your life expectancy, or even whether your spouse should work or not.

Planning for retirement is never easy. With comprehensive calculators, you can make sure you're fully prepared for what the future will bring.

Planning for your future involves a lot of saving. With our help, you can explore how fast your savings can grow and even what methods are best for you.


Evaluating your tax situation can be a challenge. With our resources, you can easily find out how much you owe, the size or your refund, and even what deductions apply to you.